D Hospitality is a leading provider of FF&E procurement, interior design, and manufacturing services to the hotel industry.  We offer high quality products that meet or exceed brand all major brand standards with significant SAVINGS. The best part is that it is all backed up by superior customer service and a company in this industry since 1999. We have implemented a strategy in design and manufacturing facilities.  

Our approach to any hotel project is among the most unique in the industry.  For example, we take the approach of doing market studies of where our client hotel stands in the COMP set and build a budget around the new design that can support the hotels financial needs which in return provides the best ROI for the owners.   We have found this approach to be very effective in making sure the new increase in rate and occupancy will justify any renovation or new build costs.

This approach is only unique to DH and has proven to save owners 30%-40% from the original budget which means the owners can recover the cost of the renovations a lot faster and we do this without compromising in integrity of the design or quality.   We can truly claim these savings by offering no fees, no mark up in carpet, tile, VWC and direct manufacturing cost because we own factory.  



Dhospitality’s experienced procurement team utilizes a structured high tech process to ensure we meet the specific needs of each project we accept. This works for all market segments from economy to the luxury hotel/residential segments.



Innovation is a core foundation of Dhospitality. This has enabled us to establish an extraordinary team of individuals. They include designers, sales, marketing, engineering, consulting, procurement, shipping and logistics just to highlight the solid foundation the company is built upon. This has made it feasible to offer turnkey operations seamlessly. It provides the capacity to execute innovative Interior Design, Private Label or corporate Branded and Procurement services. This is all achieved while still maintaining the highest quality products and value with superior customer service.

This organizational strategy has produced a high level of expertise. It enables Dhospitality grow and focus their business while driving innovative, and authentic solutions for every  hospitality/residential/hospital or assisted living project.

Our mission is to evolve while continuously maintaining our high standards and excellence in these areas. The basis of all their efforts creates the lasting value for our partners. We strive tirelessly to advance these masteries as we seek new and innovative ways to enrich the lives of people who will experience the atmospheres our designs and products help create.

Innovative Purchasing Technique.  

We use the these methods unrivaled by any company in the industry

            -no markup on any goods except casegoods
            -direct manufacturing
            -no charge in design or purchasing
            -a lot of direct pricing from carpet mills, VWC mills and lighting

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we are expertly versed in brand standards for many of the most prominent hotel franchises such as Carlson, Choice, Hilton, IHG, Marriott, Starwood, and Wyndham. The talented and experienced designers of our in-house hospitality design firm work hand in hand with our procurement team to seamlessly implement the best design and long-term strategies, with products to meet or exceed each of our clients’ unique needs and brand requirements.  This allows us to offer custom designs and appeal that distinguishes your properties and create lasting impressions. We strive to continuously evolve with each project – thereby creating the most innovative solutions in design and implementation.  


Innovative Approach.

A team of specialists who work together through every step of your hotel renovation or construction project with:

A. commitment to unparalleled service.
B. Onsite minimum of three times to understand field conditions and cover potential problems related to:

            -drapery sizing
            -left and right counts
            -fitment of the products
            -reuse of outlets when covered up by FF&E and many more problem related items

Each project is video recorded to show conditions to help each and all parties related to conditions faster.

NO charge services for all services related to design, drawings, purchasing, and even sometimes travel

            A.   3D rendering at no charge.
            B.    ID submission to the brands and all related scopes at no charge
            C.   Weekly calls with contractors on behalf of the owners to help contractors understand the scope
            D.   Full Documentation needs at no charge:  design, demo plans, materials schedules and so on...