About Us

D Hospitality is a leading full-service provider to the hotel industry. We offer high-quality products that meet or exceed brand all major brand standards with significant SAVINGS. The best part is that it is all backed up by superior customer service and a company in this industry since 1999. We have implemented a strategy in design and manufacturing facilities.

Our approach to any hotel project is among the most unique in the industry.  For example, we take the approach of doing market studies of where our client hotel stands in the COMP set and build a budget around the new design that can support the hotel’s financial needs which in return provides the best ROI for the owners.   We have found this approach to be very effective in making sure the new increase in rate and occupancy will justify any renovation or new build costs.

This approach is only unique to DH and has proven to save owners 30%-40% from the original budget which means the owners can recover the cost of the renovations a lot faster and we do this without compromising in the integrity of the design or quality.   We can truly claim these savings by offering no fees, no mark up in carpet, tile, VWC, and direct manufacturing cost because we own factory.


Dhospitality’s experienced procurement team utilizes a structured high tech process to ensure we meet the specific needs of each project we accept. This works for all market segments from the economy to the luxury hotel/residential segments.